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A cross section of Hawaiian music, from lap-steel great Sol Hoopii to Santo and Johnny, with a large helping of slack-key guitar, lush instrumentals, gorgeous singing and melodic masterpieces, some once buried in the vinyl landfill and resurrected here for the first time.

Disc 1: "From Hollywood to Honolulu 1931-1957” covers the early popularization of island music by native Hawaiians such as Andy Iona, who blended island melodies with swing, as well as performers one might not expect to see in this context: Louis Armstrong, Ethel Merman, Slim Whitman, Jo Stafford and Betty Boop are among those who put their spin on Hawaiian music.

The second disc, “Splendor in the Grass Shack, 1958-1974,” finds Ukuele Ike, The Ventures, Arthur Lyman, and Martin Denny all capitalizing on the Tiki craze in the late 1950s. The set’s foray into ’60s Tiki and exotica includes a Hawaiian version of the 1968 Fleetwood Mac song “Albatross.” And to add a little modern day nostalgia, the themes from Hawaii Five-O and Hawaiian Eye are here too.

“Disc #3: Hawaiian Classics” largely puts the spotlight on native Hawaiian musicians from the ’20s and ’30s, such as Kalama’s Quartet, King Nawahi, Sol Hoopii, and Clara Inter, better known as Hilo Hattie.

The fourth disc, “Contemporary Hawaiian Music,” was assembled by Robert Armstrong and features his fine guitar playing and along with other collaborators strumming their way to paradise in a contemporary fashion that gives a nod to the great music you hear on the first three discs. Featured are the cool sounds of the Coconut Trio, the Sweet Hollywaiians, Ken and Bob (Ken Emerson & Robert Armstrong) and the Joy Buzzards to name a few.

Disc #1-From Hollywood To Honolulu 1931-1957

  1. On a Little Bamboo Bridge-Louis Armstrong with Andy Iona and His Islanders
  2. Hula Blues-Tau Moe
  3. Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula-Felix Mendelsson & Hawaiian Sisters and George Barclay
  4. Pua Jka Lani-Rudi Wairata & Mena Moeira Minstrels
  5. Ke Ka'upu-George Kainapau
  6. Heat Wave-Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians
  7. Hawaiian War Chant-Jo Stafford
  8. Twilight Blues-Dick McIntyre & Jerry Byrd
  9. Ukulele Lady-Ethel Merman
  10. Sweet Leilani-Ukuele Ike
  11. Hawaii Calls-Movie excerpt
  12. Crazy Uke-Roy Smeck
  13. Gracie Allen's Hawaiian Vacation-Excerpt from Burns & Allen
  14. .Honolulu-Gracie Allen from the motion picture Honolulu
  15. My Little Grass Shack-Dorthy Lamour with Dick McIntyre
  16. Pretty Maui Girl-Hal Aloma and His Hawaiian Orchestra
  17. Vana Vana-Andy Iona & His Islanders
  18. King Kamehameha-Sol Ho’opi’i and His Novelty Quartet
  19. In Waikiki-Frances Langford with Dick Mc Intire
  20. Crépuscule Hawaien-Gino Bordin
  21. Betty the Hula Dancer-Cartoon excerpt
  22. On the Beach at Waikiki-Moana Serenaders
  23. Mood Indigo-Felix Mendelsson’s Hawaiian Serenaders
  24. Sand Jules-Ah See
  25. Hawaiian Cowboy-Slim Whitman
  26. My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua Hawaii-Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
  27. How D'Ya Do-Andy Iona and Jerry Byrd
  28. Rock & Roll and Breezes-Rudy Wairata & His Hawaiian Minstrels
  29. Ka-Lu-A-Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
  30. On a Coconut Island-Louis Armstrong

Disc #2-Splendor In The Grass Shack, 1958-1974

  1. Hawaiian Eye Theme-TV theme
  2. Caravan-Bobby Christian
  3. Jungle Drums-The Passions
  4. Jungle Drums-Arthur Lyman
  5. Koko Head-Milt Raskin & His Orchestra
  6. Taboo-The Ventures
  7. Surfing Soft Drink Commercial-Commercial
  8. Puka Paka-Wout Steenhuis
  9. Garden of Eden Pt. 1-The Lincoln Trio
  10. Remember Boa Boa-The Waikiki's
  11. Hilo Boy-Mary Kay Trio
  12. Banana Choo Choo-Martin Denny
  13. Castaway-Paul Page
  14. Sugar Moon-The Waikikis
  15. My Honolulu Hula Girl-The Original Hula Hawaiians
  16. Chant of the Moon-Robert Drasnin
  17. Newport Cigarettes-Hawaiian theme commercial
  18. Adventures in Paradise-Santo & Johnny
  19. C & H-Commercial
  20. Hawaii Five-O-Original Theme
  21. Peter Gunn Goes Hawaiian-Rob E.G
  22. Tambuku-Robert Drasnin
  23. House Of Bamboo-Earl Grant
  24. The Quiet Surf-Richie Allen
  25. Alika-Webley Edwards
  26. Hawaiian delight-Commercial
  27. Ulili E-The Surfers
  28. On a Tropical-Island Anna Valentino
  29. Pink Hawaii-Billy Mure
  30. Green Fire-Ethel Azama
  31. Albatross-Walt Steenhuis

Disc #3-Hawaiian Classics

  1. Honolulu Stomp-Honolulu Serenaders
  2. Hula Blues-Jim and Bob
  3. I Went to Hilo-Sam Alama
  4. My Girl From the South Seas Isles-King Benny Nawahi
  5. Oua Oua-Kanui and Lula
  6. Hula Girl-Sol Hoopii Quartet
  7. La Rosita-Sol Hoopii Quartet
  8. Down Inn Waikiki-Eddy’s Hawaiian Serenaders
  9. Inikiniki Malie (Gentle Pitches of Wind)-Kalama’s Quartet
  10. May Day Is Lei Day in Hawaii King Nawahi’s-Hawaiians
  11. Huehue (Hawaiian Hula)-Sam Ku West
  12. Lei E-Emma Bush
  13. Mai Givee (Don't Give It All Away)-Hoot Gibson
  14. Tu-Tu-E, Tu-Tu-Hoi-Kalama’s Quartet
  15. Sweet Georgia Brown-Jim and Bob
  16. I Like You-Sol Hoopii Quartet
  17. Hawaiian Capers-King Bennie Nawahi
  18. Hawaiian War Chant-Andy Iona & His Islanders
  19. Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop-Clara Inter (Hilo Hattie)
  20. Naughty Hula Eyes-Andy Iona & His Islanders
  21. Ukulele-Lady Clara Inter (Hilo Hattie)
  22. Hawaiian Cowboy-Sol. K. Bright's Hollywaiians
  23. Little Brown Gal-Little Brown Gal
  24. Minnnehaha-Andy Iona & His Islanders
  25. Kuu Lei (Wreath of Flowers)-Kalama's Quartet
  26. Hawaii Sing to Me-Andy Iona & His Islanders
Disc #4: Contemporary Hawaiian Music
  1. Palakiko Blues-Ken and Bob
  2. I Wonder Where Little Hula Girl Has Gone-Casey MacGiill and Orville Johnson
  3. Hapa Haole Girl-Ken and Bob
  4. The Cat's Whiskers-Robert Armstrong & Sourdough Slim
  5. Everybody Does It In Hawaii-Sourdough Slim and Robert Armstrong
  6. Singin' the Blues-The Sweet Hollywaiians
  7. Yiddish Hula Boy I Ain't Coming Back-Janet Klein and The Parlor Boys
  8. Moana Chimes-The Joy Buzzards
  9. Pidgen English Hula-Elaine Hoffman with Ken and Bob
  10. Honolulu Stomp-The Prlor Boys
  11. Shanghai-Lil Ken and Bob
  12. Native Guitars-Casey MacGill & Orville Johnson
  13. Tiger Shark-Ken and Bob
  14. Someday Sweetheart-The Joy Buzzards
  15. Fish And Poi/In A Canoe-Ken and Bob
  16. Waltz Don't Run-Ken and Bob
  17. In A Little Hula Heaven-The Coconut Entertainers
  18. Hawaiian War Chant-Ken and Bob
  BLUES (34)
  COMEDY (4)
  KITSCH (4)
  PUNK (2)
  R&B/JAZZ (12)
  ROCK 'N' ROLL (37)
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