CD 1: Urban Soul
  1. My Baby Likes To Boogaloo- Don Gardner
  2. I’m Hip To You- The Jelly Beans
  3. You Had Me Fooled- Danny Woods
  4. They’re Laughing At Me- Gail Anderson
  5. Please Consider Me- Tyrone (The Wonder Boy)
  6. Are You Gonna Leave Me- Jessie James
  7. Almost- Betty Lavette
  8. My Baby’s Gone- Donald Height
  9. Got My Own Thing Going- Little Charles & The Sidewinders
  10. Everybody’s Talking – Joan Baker
  11. Follow My Heart- Big Dee Irwin
  12. Suffer – Cookie Jackson
  13. You Brought My Heart Right Down To My Knees- – Alvin Robinson
  14. The Queen- Big Ella
  15. Walkin’ And Thinkin’- King Floyd
  16. Mr Shy- Billy McGregor
  17. Do You Know What Life Is All About- Hoagy Lands
  18. Searchin’ For Love- Tommy Hunt
  19. No One To Love- Pat Lewis
  20. I’m Mad About You- Lou Courtney
  21. Love On A Two Way Street- Lezli Valentine
  22. You Can’t Miss Nothing That You Never Had- Ike & Tina Turner
  23. Don’t Hurt Me No More- Tony Mathews
  24. He’s Coming Back To Me- Theola Kilgore
  25. Hard To Find The Right Girl- Kenny Gamble And The Romeos
  26. Big Train- The Soul Shakers
  27. Love That Guy- Jackie Owens

CD 2: Group Soul

  1. (Countdown) Here I Come- The Tempos
  2. It’s You And Me- The C-Quents
  3. I Don’t Love You No More- The Exsaveyons
  4. A Memory Best Forgotten- The Sounds Four
  5. You Stood Me Up- The Specials
  6. Bingo- The Dynamics
  7. Peace of Mind- The Vontastics
  8. Loves Creeping Up On Me- Holidays
  9. There Will Be Tears Pt. 1- The Mandells
  10. Never Ending Love- The Montclairs
  11. You’re A Gas With Your Trash- The Four Pennies
  12. The Young Hearts Get Lonely Too- The New Young Hearts
  13. Forgive Me If I Cry- Down To Earth
  14. I’m In A World Of Trouble- The Sweet Things
  15. Cry No More- The C.O.D’s
  16. Miss Heartbreaker- The Ascots
  17. But Then You Left Me- The Shades of Sensation
  18. Keep Your Love Strong- The Webs
  19. Just Like A Baby (Mama’s Rocking In A Cradle)- The Flint Emeralds
  20. I Don’t Want To Cry- Pearlean Gray and The Passengers
  21. Beggar Of Love- Little Ben & The Cheers
  22. You’re Good Enough For Me- The Versatiles
  23. Say You’ll Be Mine- The Vows
  24. She’s the One I Love- The Delacardos
  25. Savin’ My Lovin’ For You- The People’s Choice
  26. Got to Be Your Lover- The Profiles
  27. Victim Of Loneliness- The Pace Setters
  28. I’m Not Strong Enough- The Four Perfections

CD 3: Southern Soul

  1. Don’t Turn Away- Willy McDougal
  2. Mr Clean- Winfield Parker
  3. Now You’ve Got The Upper Hand- Candi Staton
  4. Forgive Then Forget- Jay Wiggins
  5. Don’t Make Me Cry- Matt “Ti” Mattison & The Minit Men
  6. The James Brown Boogaloo- Little Genie Brooks
  7. Mr Lucky- Betty Wright
  8. I Can’t Stop Crying- Sam Hutchins
  9. It’s All Wrong (It’s All Right)- Sam Dees
  10. (On The) Re-e-b-o-u-n-d– Lee Edwards & His Continentals
  11. I’m Telling You- Buddy Grubbs
  12. Hey Now- Eddie Floyd
  13. The Good Got To Suffer With The Bad- Pat Brown
  14. I Gotta Come Back- Little Frankie Lee
  15. A Broken Hearted Clown- Nat Hall With The Mellow 3
  16. The Grass Is Always Greener (On The Opposite Side Of The Fence)- Ella Washington
  17. Still My Life Through- Billy Young
  18. Every Ounce Of Strength- Carla Thomas
  19. I Don’t Want To Hurt Nobody- Ruby Winters
  20. I’m A Good Man- Al “TNT” Braggs
  21. Gotta Have My Baby’s Love – Sir Mack Rice
  22. I Confess- Elijah and The Ebonies
  23. Understanding- Jackie Avery
  24. Show Me- Margie Joseph
  25. Pretty As A Picture- Moses Dillard And The Dynamic Showmen
  26. Hurry Up Little Girl- Jerry & Eddie And The Tornados
  27. Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometimes- Roy Arlington
  28. Get Right- Bobby Parker

CD 4: Funky Soul

  1. Can You Handle It- Pep Brown
  2. Free And Easy- Jessie Hill
  3. Show Stopper- Richard Knight
  4. Soul Affection- The Interpretations
  5. The Soul Stroke (Can You Handle It)- King Earnest
  6. Riccasha- Rockie Charles & The Lavonics
  7. Soul Walkin’- Reggie Smith
  8. Wake up- Bobby Rush
  9. The Bushman- The Tenth Dymentions
  10. The Funky Bandwagon- The Essene Brotherhood Band
  11. L.A.- Noble Watts
  12. Do It- Billy Sha-Rae
  13. People Talking About Me- Sonny Green
  14. Original Funky Bell Bottoms- Ironing Board Sam
  15. I’m A Lonely Man- L.J. Waiters
  16. I’ve Got A Habit (Of Lovin’ You)- Bobby Jones
  17. Do The Bobby Dunn- Bobby Dunn
  18. We Do It All Up Here (Loosen Up)- The Fantastic Epics
  19. Ratty Ratty – Maskman And The Agents
  20. It Must Be Love- Roy Hytower
  21. Do The Dog Funk – Isaac Clark
  22. What You See Is What You Get- Little Joe Mixon
  23. Do the thing- Charles Lattimore
  24. The Sno-Cone- Lloyd Hendricks
  25. I’ll Pay You Back- Magic Sam
  26. Hep Squeeze- Mad Dog & The Pups
  27. The Poo Poo Man- Chet “Poison” Ivey and His Fabulous Avengers
  28. The Trip- Dave Mitchell & The Screamers
  29. I Got A New Thing – Willie Smith
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